100 Ways to Fly

How Many Noses in a Nostril

How many noses in a nostril?
How many hairs on a tongue?

How many tastebuds in an eyeball?
How many fingers on a thumb?

How much sun in a freckle?
How many skips in a stride?

How many brains in your belly?
How far left to go when you arrive?

100 Ways To Fly’ is a book of poems for primary school aged children. It contains (just over) 100 poems spread across seven sections:
1. The Word Zoo – poems about the amazing creatures found in language
2. Great Balls of Poetry – limericks, riddles, tongue twisters and more
3. The Time of Our Lives – poems about school, sport and shrinking seasons
4. Spooky and Sick – scary poems and disgusting poems
5. How Many Noses in a Nostril? – nonsense poems and great gobbledygook
6. Coming to Your Senses – poems about the five senses (and the other hidden ones)
7. A Pocket Full of Poems – poems to keep in your pocket, to feel safe and hopeful

In 100 Ways To Fly I’ve written a letter to my readers to explain the title and here is an excerpt: 

My title uses metaphor – to fly or flight – and is one way to think of poetry. Sometimes that small group of words crafted into a poem can unexpectedly lift you up, take you away somewhere wonderful and bring you safely home again after you’ve experienced a whole new view of the world.
It’s amazing to think that a poem can change the moment, or your day, and occasionally, even your life. My hope for you is that your life may be full … of poetry!

Why I wrote the book

Poetry is not meant to be scary! It’s the opposite! It can make you laugh, make you feel normal, even brave, especially if you feel sad or alone.

‘100 Ways To Fly’ is my third book of poetry for kids, or as I like to say, for the big kid in all of us.

When I set out to write ‘100 Ways To Fly’ I wanted this book to be a little different to the others. I work with people who’ve experienced many difficulties in their lives – struggles with their health, mood, confidence. Some have had traumatic things happen. Why can’t poetry help with some of that too? I thought.

So after five years of careful crafting, multiple test runs of poems with children along the way, and exercising my imagination muscles until they ached, I bring you these 100 (or so) poems! Poems to celebrate our amazing senses, poems to twist your tongues and thoughts, poems about creatures that live in the land of nonsense. I chose titles for each section that long to jump off the page and dance or run away, maybe to The Word Zoo or to a Pocket Full of Poems.

I’ve had so much fun creating this collection of poems, and this book has made me realise all over again that poetry is one of the best ways to keep a sense of wonder with the world. My job as a poet is to help lift you up and take you away from the everyday, to use words to give you a new birds eye view of things.

There are so many ways ‘to fly’ in that metaphorical sense and I hope ‘100 Ways To Fly’ does a little of that for everyone who reads it.


Book Launch for 100 Ways To Fly 

The official invitation for my book launch is here! I hope you can come along and help me to celebrate. There will be some poetry, a little music, lots of books and even chocolates wrapped in the cover of 100 Ways To Fly!

Michelle x


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