Mudanca is a Portuguese word that means change. It also means a shift, a move, a transition. This defines our work, which is to support individuals and organisations to make meaningful and lasting change.
At Mudanca we believe that change is possible, no matter who we are and no matter what challenges we are faced with. The thought of change can bring many things – feelings of excitement and opportunity, anxiety, uncertainty, hopelessness, exhaustion or anger.
We will work with you to achieve what matters to you. We spend time understanding your strengths, hopes, needs and concerns and will work at a pace you are comfortable with.
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We use practical and evidence-based approaches that can start to work straight away and which will provide you with knowledge and skills that can last a lifetime.

We work with individuals, families and carers, professionals such as mental health clinicians, teachers and counsellors, as well as organisations. We adopt a broad lens that takes into account each individual, their support, their roles, activities and environments.

At Mudanca we shine a light on what is possible rather than past problems. Instead of concentrating on diagnoses or disabilities, we celebrate uniqueness and strength. We understand that each individual is the expert on herself or himself and that with the right guidance, comes confidence and the ability to live the life you want.

Michelle Taylor
Michelle Taylor is an occupational therapist and the director of Mudanca and you can read more about Michelle here.
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