Consulting is tailored to meet the needs of your service and its stakeholders. We will collaborate to find solutions for moving forward, with the goals of introducing and embedding approaches. Services can be provided face to face, or if distance and resources are a consideration, we can utilise online or phone services.
As a guide we can provide the following:

  • Consultation with key stakeholders
  • Development of a focus and plan
  • Advice / assistance with training, supervision, application and integration of approaches
  • Development of policies, procedures, guidelines, resources
  • Development of clinical services or special projects. For example:
    • Development of a Sensory Room and protocols for use
    • Establishing a handout and group for students and parents on sensory approaches for stress and study
    • Rolling out a program using Motivational Interviewing in initial assessments
    • Using a range of approaches to assist peer workers to support people with trauma
    • Assisting an organisation to develop a range of Smoking Cessation initiatives

Whether your aims are to change the approach of an entire service, to introduce people to new evidence and options for healthier outcomes, to improve the skills of a core group, to continue learning and applying approaches through training, peer supervision and mentoring, contact us to discuss how we can help.

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